Dundalk SCADA Upgrade

In early 2020, Summa was awarded the Township of Southgate Dundalk Well D3 & D4 PLC Upgrade, Replacement, and Programming Project.

This project included engineering, design, and implementation of the PLC and OIT upgrades at wells D3 and D4 and the SCADA system that manages these wells in addition to D5 well. Fall 2020, Summa is pleased to announce successful completion of this project! The existing SCADA system has been completely replaced, D3 & D4 were retrofitted with new PLC’s, and all three well now have SCADA EDGE Control c/w full system control and monitoring and store and forward data collection.

With thorough field investigation, and a clear understanding of the system, the transition plan was developed and implemented with minimal down time and interruptions to the water demand requirements. Training of our intuitive SCADA design and navigation was given to operations. A full documentation package was delivered to complete the successful upgrade.