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Bulk Potable Water Dispensing System

Bulk Potable Water Dispensing System

The Summa Bulk Water Dispensing System provides self-service convenience in water dispensing utilizing smart card technology. Our system provides an easy to use, secure, quick, and convenient method of bulk water dispensing and account management.

Water haulers are issued a secure password protected smart card for access to the dispenser. After authenticating the account, the haulers can either dispense water manually or to enter an exact volume of water. The water hauler can stop dispensing at any time and receipts of the transaction can be printed on the spot if requested.

Account management and monthly reports are made easy with the Bulk Water Dispensing System Remote Software. The dispensing system controller logs each transaction, recording the date, time, card ID number, and volume of water dispensed for all prepaid and or billing clients.

The Bulk Water Dispensing System is PLC-based and SCADA-ready allowing water vendors to retrieve transaction data from the system to generate reports and or interface the system into their SCADA system to monitor all system activities either locally or remotely. Also available is wireless web-based alarm monitoring and reporting.

Summa’s expertise in integration gives us the ability to work with your specifications to customize the system to new and existing infrastructures or develop your specification to suit your requirements.

Summa Engineered Systems are designed, constructed, and tested to meet the highest industry standards of quality and performance. In-depth knowledge of water and wastewater processes and extensive experience with instrumentation and SCADA projects, have allowed us to provide quality goods and services to Canadian Industrial and Municipal markets continuously for over 35 years.

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OEM Control Solutions & Integration

Summa Engineering Limited tailors OEM control solutions to meet your specific needs, we excel at providing our services from design to delivery. With decades of experience in various industries, we can provide solutions for small stand-alone systems to an entire plant. Our expertise and service will give you a competitive edge.

Our Unique Selling Points:

  • Established company since 1980
  • Full integration services
  • Comprehensive documentation – Project drawings, software and O&M Manuals
  • Familiar with regional (Canada) control standards
  • Project specification compliance
  • Support and fast response time
  • CSA Certified (Includes NEMA 4, 4X, 6/6P, 12, 13 ratings)
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Technology Solutions


Virtualization is transforming the IT landscape and is fundamentally changing the way people utilize technology. Building an effective Virtual IT environment will minimize hardware cost and downtime for disaster recovery while maintaining optimum application performance.

Summa has embraced Virtualization and has applied this technology for many of our clients. We believe our application of the virtualized environment for SCADA not only gives our clients peace of mind when it comes to hardware cost savings and disaster recovery, we have also addressed data backup concerns by integrating an independent data backup system to the virtualized SCADA environment.

Data Backup

Data logging and reporting is a critical component of municipal SCADA systems as this is a Compliance requirement for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). To secure Data for this critical function, Summa believes minimizing data loss and having data backup and disaster recovery system is essential to all municipal SCADA systems.

An automatic gap recovery system should be implemented to minimize gaps of no data in the reports generated by the reporting system due to data loss during a loss of communications from a remote facility to the Historian server or when the main SCADA servers are down for maintenance. To implement this system, the remote facility PLC should be configured to reserve a portion of its memory to act as a temporary data storage device to provide data backup should the facility lose communication with the Historian server. After communications is restored to the Historian server, the data that is stored in the PLC would be used to automatically populate the server with the missing data.

A Backup system is recommended to be able to quickly restore a failed server and to minimize stored data loss. The backup system will be configured to save all data and virtual server images at scheduled intervals. This data would be stored on a network attached storage (NAS) unit that is independent of the servers. In the event a server fails, the virtual server images may be installed on a new server and the system would be quickly and easily placed back into service. All stored data would then be loaded onto the virtual servers to complete the recovery.

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Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Summa Engineering Limited is a market leading systems integrator (SI) specializing in water and wastewater treatment process controls. We have consistently provided proven process automation solutions that have made us the SI of choice for many municipal and industrial customers throughout Ontario. Our reputation is built on our expertise in delivering successful projects. This is the basis for the trust and long-term relationships we have developed and enjoyed with end users, consultants, contractors, and suppliers.

A key element to our success and reputation is our investment in thoroughly understand the details and expectations of each project and in our depth of specialized resources. Summa’s delivery teams focus on understanding the scope of work as laid out in the drawings and specifications to deliver a successful project. Summa’s full time staff of designers, engineers, project managers, design technologists, application programming specialists, IT professionals, service technicians, and panel shop personnel ensure the project can be delivered as designed and provide continual SCADA services to support the end user beyond the life of the project.

Summa Engineering has many vendor partnerships, such as:

  • Solution Provider of GE Digital
  • System Integrator of Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley
  • Registered System Integrator of Schneider Electric
  • Endorsed System Integrator of Ocean Data Systems

We design and manufacture all control panels in-house. Our panel shop is CSA certified.

Our Partners

Vendor Summa Description
Registered Registered Systems IntegratorProficy iFIX HMI/SCADA, from GE Digital featuring: Robust SCADA engine, Rich set of connectivity options, Open architecture, Highly scalable and distributed networking model. Data Historians and Analytics, IIoT and Mobility Solutions
Registered (L1) Registered System IntegratorIgnition, from Inductive Automation, is a powerful industrial application platform with fully integrated development tools for building SCADA, MES, and IIoT solutions.
Special System Integrator of Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley products, including drives, PLCs, HMI/SCADAs, Data Historians and Analytics, Industrial Communications, and Mobility Solutions
Registered Registered Systems Integrator. VTScada, from Trihedral Engineering, provides you with a refreshingly intuitive platform for creating highly-customized industrial monitoring and control applications that end users can trust and use with ease
si_wonderware_logo Registered Registered Systems IntegratorWonderware, by Schneider Electric, HMI/SCADA software enables operational excellence across all industries, providing deep operational insight as the basis of real-time performance management. Data Historians and Analytics, Industrial Communications, and Mobility Solutions
Registered Endosed System Integrator of Ocean Data Systems for Dream Report. The product, Dream Report, is the leading “purpose built” solution for the automation industry and the “Internet of Things (IOT).” Dream Report delivers both local and Internet connectivity to all major HMI/SCADA, Historian and business data sources through either proprietary or industry standard drivers.
Registered Stratus Certified Solution Architect
Stratus minimizes complexity and the need for significant IT involvement. Stratus provides the Edge computing infrastructure that is: Simple, Protected, Autonomous. For customers considering a digital transformation with projects that require local processing, cybersecurity or low latency, Stratus ztC is a converged Edge Computing stack that is simple to deploy and manage, protected from threats of interruption and automated to reduce the burden on IT and OT.
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Programming Services

Programming Services

Our SCADA Technical Group (“STG”) is a team of highly trained and very experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of PLC and SCADA applications. Over the years, SUMMA has built solid relationships with SCADA hardware and software manufacturers including Rockwell Automation, Emerson, Schneider Automation, GE, Inductive Automation, Trihedral, and many more.

Our investment in keeping up on and testing current technology in hardware, software, and networks is applied to the end user’s requirements and budgets to deliver a SCADA system that includes features for securing data collection, improving disaster recovery, and minimizing non-critical alarm call outs to name a few.

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Control Panel Manufacturing (CSA)

Control Panel Manufacturing (CSA)


  • PLC Panels.
  • Pump Control Panels.
  • VFD Control Panels.
  • OEM Packaged Control Panels.
  • Chemical Dosing and Control Assemblies.

At our CSA certified panel-manufacturing facility, every panel is put through a series of QA inspection and testing which we fully document and keep for record purposes.  Our attention to detail and systematic approach in our manufacturing process is evident in the quality workmanship that is the signature of control panels designed and manufactured by Summa.

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SCADA Maintenance

Comprehensive Support

Summa provides complete system integration services. Our expertise in project management, SCADA programming, IT support, and instrumentation gives Summa depth in working with our clients to take care of all their plant automation requirements.

Summa has a comprehensive SCADA maintenance program that is fully customized to the client’s needs to keep their SCADA system running. We also have the capacity to design and implement automation upgrades and resolve automation issues effectively and efficiently.